Visit to the Agency for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety of Kosovo

In the period from 15-18 September 2014, a delegation of CETI Podgorica paid a visit to the Agency for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety of Kosovo. Sponsor and organizer of the visit was EXBS (Export Control and Related Border Security) Program of the US Government.

The aim of the visit was, above all, the transfer of experience of CETI to the colleagues in Kosovo in the field of protection against ionizing radiation. In addition to employees of the Agency, two-day workshop was attended by representatives of the inspection bodies, the Institute of Occupational Medicine, Division of Radiation Protection. Topics that were covered by the lectures were:

  • Overview and description of the equipment and capabilities of the CETI Laboratory.
  • Organization and implementation of the Programme of monitoring radioactivity in the environment.
  • A system for radioactive waste management in Montenegro.
  • A description of the control of level of radioactive contamination of goods and objects in imports and exports.
  • The experience CETI has in the field of decontamination of the environment with emphasis on experience in decontamination of depleted uranium.
  • Exposure controls of persons working in the ionizing radiation zones in Montenegro – personal dosimetry control.
  • Quality control in the field of application of ionizing radiation in medicine and non-medical applications.

Our experience has been highly valued and a common conclusion was that the visit was very successful and that both sides hope that this was only the beginning of a successful and mutually beneficial cooperation. Continuation of cooperation with Kosovo institutions is planned for the second half of October, when the return visit of representatives of the Agency for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety of Kosovo is expected.

During the visit to Pristina, meetings were held with the director of the Environmental Protection Agency of Kosovo, director of the Hydrometeorology Institute and director of the Food and Veterinary Agency. It was noted that there are great opportunities for cooperation, mutual participation in regional projects and the involvement of CETI in the analyses that the institutions of Kosovo need but have no conditions (equipment, personnel, accreditation …) to conduct them on their own.