CETI representative participated in coordination meeting in Greek Atomic Energy Commission

Representative of CETI, dr Nikola Svrkota – Head of dosimetric and noise measurement unit, took a part in Coordination meeting on outcomes and findings of the TC regional project RER9140 and its resulting implication for the RER9149, held in Greek Atomic Energy Commission (EEAE) from 28 to 30 January 2019.

The purpose of the event is to assess the progress and evaluate the findings of the closing TC regional project RER9140 “Strengthening Protection of Radiation Workers and Occupational Exposure Monitoring” as well as to identify its resulting implications and priority areas for the succeeding TC regional project RER9149 “Improving the Radiation Protection of Workers Occupationally Exposed to Ionizing Radiation” and plan the new project’s activities for the period of 2019-2022