CETI and CRBC signed the Agreement on Business and Technical Cooperation on 18.th September 2015.

“Center for Eco -Toxicological Research – Podgorica” represented by CEO, Nada Medenica, and “China Road and Bridge Corporation Montenegro branch” – CRBC, represented by General Manager Gao Liang, signed the Agreement aiming to create the best conditions for cooperation in future in accordance with relevant regulations, good business practices, business ethics, all in the manner and under the terms of this agreement. All the activities will be realized in line with national and european legislation.

This Agreement is the base for future cooperation and contracting in the wide field of analysis of environmental samples, waste samples, exchange of knowledge and experiences in the fields of cooperation.Cooperation will be performed by mutual engagement of certain profiles of scientific and technical personnel, as well as resources.

Workshop 5-11th September, Great Britain- Dispersant Familiarization Program within the Project “Capacity strenghtening in Montenegro in the event of the sea incidents“ (Project financed by the Kingdom of Norway-Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs )

As the coordinator of the Project CETI organized this workshop in cooperation with Lamor Corporation, Great Britain, with objective to take the representatives from the regulatory and operational institution within Montenegro and make them familiar with the use of dispersants so they develop expertise to be able to implement the use of Dispersants as a spill response tool in Montenegro.

Participant of the workshop – representatives of CETI, Environment Protection Agency-EPA, Maritime Safety Department, Harbor Masters Office Kotor, Harbor Masters Office Bar, Montenegrin Navy and Ministry of Internal Affairs – Maritime Border Police.

The United Kingdom Government’s primary response strategy in the case or major oil spill is the application of dispersants. The Global Oil Industry base for oil spill response equipment is located in Southampton with its dispersant stockpile and the organizations regulating and advising on the use of dispersants are located in London.

The workshop was held by the Lamor Corporation whose representative has experience in this field and who is accredited by the Nautical Institute on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency of the United Kingdom to deliver MCA, IMO and DECC Training in all areas of Oil Spill Response. The program consisted of both theoretical and practical elements.

Good practice guidelines for dispersant use were presented by the experts from International Petroleum Industry Environmental and Conservation Association.

Practical experience in Dispersant use in real incidents was presented by the experts from International Tankers Owners Pollution Federation.

Practical day, visit to the Southampton area of the south coast of UK and presentation by experts of Maritime and Coastguard Agency of the United Kingdom was the opportunity for Montenegrin team to see the illustration of the set up and operation of United Kingdom dispersant policy. Visit to and Presentation of Oil Spill Response Limited to see the largest industry Oil Spill Base and the dispersant stockpile, and also to Dasic Limited maker of dispersant to see the manufacturing process of dispersants, was organized.

Participants were introduced with types of Dispersant and Equipment choices and importance and content of Net Environment Benefit Analysis NEBA in the use of dispersants.

The workshop will contribute to better professional and technical capabilities of institutions in Montenegro for intervention in case of pollution by oil derivatives and very much to the strengthening of inter-institutional cooperation.