Interview about phtalates – show “Consumer Code” RTCG

Bojan Beljkas, engineer of food technology in Center for eco-toxicological research – phatalates, their use, impact on health and allowed concentration in toys.

Bojans interview in the show “Consumer code”, which is broadcasted on RTCG, you can watch on this link.

Presentation of business model „Chemical leasing” in Chamber of commerce on session of Committee for energy efficiency and environmental protection

Bojan Beljkas from Center for eco-toxicological research presented „Chemical leasing” as a new business model, which originated along with development of cleaner production idea. Model is focused on providing services to the user, and shifts the focus from increasing sales volume of chemicals towards selling of chemical function itself.

Result of applying the model is more efficient use of chemicals and reducing the risk associated with their use, as well as protection of human health. The model itself promotes idea of pollution prevention, and not elimination of effects when they already occur.

Presentation resulted in great expression of interest from the Committee members. It was agreed to put in Work program of the Committee for 2017. , promotion of this model for business entities. CETI will take active role in promotion and presentation of this model. It will also strive to, while communicating with UNIDO, provide funds for this project.

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Start of the project „Minamata initial assessment for Montenegro”

Inception meeting for project „Minamata initial assessment for Montenegro” was held in Ministry for sustainable development and tourism (MORiT) during which representatives of MORiT and United Nations Development Programe (UNDP) presented concept of the project, it’s objectives, as well as upcoming phases and activities within its realization.

Role of the Center for ecotoxicological research is to make mercury inventory which will be used as a basis for further activities in the project.

Objective of the project is to make initial assessment of amount of mercury with aim to create preconditions for ratification of “Minamata mercury convention”. Also, this project will set foundation for implementation of this convention.

You can find more information on this link.