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CETI has constantly invested in most up-to-date laboratory equipment in the past years.
That is what makes us competitive and what rightfully makes us a leader in our field.


Ecotoxicological testing of all segments of the environment:
air, surface and ground water, sea water, waste water, drinking water, soil


Obtaining accurate results is only one part of the work we do.
Good and professional analysis of the results is the essence of our business.

Chamber of Economy Award


Excellent SME certificate


Guaranteed by CETI

The Centre for Ecotoxicological Research has been SUCCESSFUL in the implementation of its tasks for more than 18 years.
We have been building TRUST for many years, above all trust in the QUALITY of our services. That is why our slogan GUARANTEED BY CETI

is the best description of our strategy and our professional achievements. With lot of pride, but also awareness that we must remain committed to constant progress, we would like to thank all our customers for their confidence.

Core activities

At the outset, let us point out some of our core services:

  • Ecotoxicological testing of all segments of the environment.
  • Testing of ionizing radiation.
  • Development of specific toxicological and expert studies, analyses and programs.
  • Analyses in accidental situations.
  • Classification of waste category.
  • Various monitoring programs.
  • Toxicological analysis of materials.

About us

Centre for Ecotoxicological Research (CETI doo Podgorica) was established in pursuance of the policy of the Government of Montenegro for the purpose of performing quality control of all segments of the environment for the needs of Montenegro and as a reference institution for the quality control of food and other products and diagnostics of toxicants.
CETI was set up pursuant to the Montenegrin Government’s Decision of 20 December 1996 (Official Gazette of Montenegro No. 40/96) and registered at the Commercial Court for the performance of activities of public interest.

  • Environment

    Preservation of the environment and constant concern about potential pollution are the primary tasks of every society.

  • Training

    Our employees understand that we can be at the top position at all times only by continuous training and by absorbing and applying the new knowledge.

  • Laboratory analyses

    We are a part of the system, and our task is to conduct analyses, testing and ongoing monitoring of an ecotoxicological “picture”.


CETI has more than 20 certificates and authorizations issued by reputable institutions in the country and abroad.

Here are some highlights:

  • Control of health safety of food and consumer goods
  • Testing of water quality (surface water, ground water, waste water and sea)
  • Expert tasks in the field of occupational safety
  • Control of and protection against ionizing pollution, testing of natural and artificial radioactivity, decontamination of living and working environment
  • TLD dosimetry and control of X-ray apparatuses and other sources of radiation

What Others Say about Us

Improving the standards of business, and demonstrating professional and responsible attitude to the very important work for which it was established, CETI has developed into a prestigious institution well known  beyond local – Montenegrin frames.

My pleasure is all the greater due to the fact today CETI is a key pillar of the most competent jobs in the field of the environment by providing key guidelines for decision making in this area and informed policy making.

Since its establishment, the Inspection Authority cooperates with the CETI. The most common services offered by CETI are related to the analysis of food samples. Thanks to the seriousness and professionalism of the team working in CETI and previous professional assistance and cooperation from the Phyto-sanitary, Sanitary and Veterinary Inspection Services in ecotoxicological research, we have full confidence in the quality of services provided.

Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory has had the privilege in recent years to work with an expert team from CETI in the field of chemical and toxicological analyses of food of animal origin, feed and diagnostic materials of animal origin. The professionalism and competence of CETI staff, during the implementation of the agreed cooperation between our two institutions, contributed to the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory being positioned as an indispensable link in the chain of control of food safety in Montenegro.
We expect a continuation of the successful cooperation in the coming period and we are looking forward to it.

CETI is the institution with which we cooperate for more than a decade, which is the best indicator of the confidence in the quality of services they provide. The most common services given by CETI are the analyses of samples of raw materials and tests of ionizing radiation and air pollution.
A competent team and a reference institution with which it is a pleasure to cooperate.

Due to the nature of activities that we do, CETI represents an indispensable partner in our business. We are pleased that during many years of successful cooperation we have witnessed continuous development of this institution, already recognized as a leader in the field of ecotoxicological tests, both in Montenegro and the region.
By setting the redesigned website, wider audience will become familiar with the activities of CETI and their contribution to better and healthier living environment in Montenegro.

EPCG, as a strategic company in the energy sector in Montenegro, is supported by timely and professional assistance from CETI in the implementation of demanding tasks in the field of environmental protection.
CETI provides us services in the area of environmental monitoring, measurement of working environment, sampling and categorization of waste, and, as an accredited institution with highly professional staff, is a reliable and long-term partner with whom it is a pleasure to cooperate.

The company Mercator Montenegro and CETI collaborate for five years and we are very satisfied with the quality of their services. There are 90 retail facilities operating within our company all over Montenegro, and we have the opportunity to work with them often, especially when it comes to analysis and sampling of fresh meat and meat products, and imports. CETI is the institution in which a team of competent professionals do their job at a high professional level.

After many years of cooperation with CETI – through realization of experimental exercises for students at the study program of physics at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics, University of Montenegro, support for student research in the preparation of specialist, master’s and doctoral theses, as well as through joint scientific and research work, I conclude with much pleasure that professionalism, competences and track record, recognized and acknowledged by relevant international organizations, together with laboratories’ excellence, proven reliability and fair relationship with our business partners – are the guarantees of the future success and prosperity of CETI, both in the field of environmental protection, and in the fields of exact sciences.

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    Water is certainly an important natural resource that we must protect in the 21st century which is bringing many challenges of modern society.

  • AIR

    Montenegro must still remain an oasis of pure nature and air quality must be at the highest level.

  • SOIL

    Fertile and clean soil enables not only the healthy life of people, but also high-quality, healthy organic agriculture.