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    There is not challenge that our employees cannot meet at the highest level.

  • Difficult working circumstances

    There are no obstacles for CETI expert teams. For more than 18 years, we have been carrying out even the most complex tasks.

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    We thank especially the donors who have helped us build the most advanced laboratory in the region.

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    There is no strict division of assignments for us. We are ready to engage all and help each other, with the aim of achieving the highest standards.

Shipyard Bijela

The Shipyard Bijela Project includes sampling as well as detailed laboratory analyses and testing. Testing of waste material stored in the Shipyard Bijela is a contract won by CETI through the tendering procedure and it is wholly funded by the EU.

Testing and analysis for the purposes of preservation of the environment, as well as protection of people, is part of everyday activities of the Centre for Ecotoxicological Research. Aware of our responsibility, we perform our tasks at the highest level and with the use of modern methods.

  • Client: Shipyard Bijela
  • Contracting authority: Government of Montenegro
  • Donor: EU



Centre for Ecotoxicological Research has been given a new assignment – to perform testing of waste materials in the Shipyard Bijela.

Our expert team immediately undertook the task and performed all actions required for taking samples which we will examine and later on present the results to our clients.


In order to reach best results, we have been prepared to provide the following services in the following order:

  • Screening the situation – analysis of the terms of reference
  • Sampling
  • Laboratory testing of samples
  • Laboratory analysis of sample segments
  • Analysis of the results
  • Preparation and presentation of results
  • Suggestions for remediation of any pollution problems

For any details about this project, feel free to contact our relevant personnel, who will be happy to provide you with any additional and detailed information related to the testing of waste materials in the Shipyard Bijela.

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