• Air monitoring by mobile stations

    Air monitoring in the Montenegrin capital is of utmost importance especially for its citizens.

  • Setting up stations

    The very centre of Podgorica was of particular importance give that this part of the town has the largest number of residential and commercial units.

  • Analysis of results

    After several months of monitoring, we performed a professional and comprehensive analysis of the air monitoring findings.

Air Monitoring in Podgorica

Air monitoring is the project that CETI performed upon the request of the Government of Montenegro at the following locations:

    • Podgorica – City centre
    • Podgorica – near Aluminium Company
    • Podgorica – at the Bus Station

This project is very important, not only from the aspect of our profession, but because of the fact that it provided the monitoring of pollution which enables early response and undertaking timely activities.



Centre for Ecotoxicological Research has been given a new assignment, via tendering procedure – to perform air monitoring at the territory of Podgorica.

Our expert team set up mobile monitoring stations at a couple of most important locations, so that we have got an accurate “picture” of any hot spots as well as the types of possible air pollution.


In order to reach best results, we have been prepared to provide the following services in the following order:

  • Screening the situation – analysis of the terms of reference
  • Sampling
  • Laboratory testing of samples
  • Laboratory analysis of sample segments
  • Analysis of the results
  • Preparation and presentation of results
  • Suggestions for remediation of any pollution problems

For any details about this project, feel free to contact our relevant personnel, who will be happy to provide you with any additional and detailed information related to air monitoring at the territory of Podgorica.

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