Nada Medenica

Executive Director of Centre for Ecotoxicological Research


It is a great pleasure to lead an institution of both high expertise and long experience in ecotoxicological studies of all segments of the environment. CETI has managed, through deliberate efforts since the very beginning, to expand its activity in volume, type of studies, and number of analyses, resulting in increased list of clients using their services. Today, CETI can offer a wide spectrum of analyses conducted by modern, internationally accepted methods and by using efficient and reliable laboratory equipment.

It is my obligation to ensure that CETI can always meet requirements of the founder and be seen as a reliable partner and technical support to the responsible ministry and the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as all other institutions that are our partners in the common task – increasing the quality of life through the preservation and maintenance of safety and quality of products (food and general consumer goods) and protection and improvement of the environment (by controlling and analyzing all of its segments).

The institution built on such good foundations and led by an eminent expert Mrs. Ana Misurovic, imposes a strong obligation on me, as the present director, to maintain the quality of technical and instrumental resources that I have found. It also implies a duty to continue the started, and primarily to keep on strengthening human resources and instrumental capacities of CETI, as well as relationships with technical and research reference institutions in Montenegro.

It will be my ongoing task to create and implement successful strategies based on competitive advantages of our organization and respect of needs and interests of our clients, striving to expand the customer base and secure their trust both on the domestic and regional markets.
Accomplishment of our goals will require high commitment on the part of all employees, appropriate instrumental equipment, financial resources and time. The foundation of our success, as before, lies in our employees and their readiness to be confronted with new challenges and contribute to the achievement of the common vision – creation of an institution that will be recognized in the region and beyond by its professionalism, reliable analyses and market availability, along with competitive prices.

It will be my responsibility to ensure that the Center has taken the right course, successfully achieving the goals for which it has been established, and that well qualified employees are properly performing their duties and are well motivated.

I believe that successful manager is the one who builds equally successful teams. It is my honor to work with the extremely qualified and motivated team and my attention will always be focused on what the team members do best.

CETI is trying to have an intensive communication with NGOs, media and any public interested in its activities. Our doors are open to all useful, creative and thinking young persons who would like, working together with CETI expert teams on whose capacity strengthening I intend to insist in future, to acquire skills and knowledge that may be applicable in CETI or other institutions.

I am proud to say that we are ready to face challenges lying ahead of us and we expect positive changes only.

It is our intention to try to make the general public and users of our services understand our work better in this way. We invite you to contact us for any suggestions or proposals that you may have concerning our activities and services.

Thank you for your trust and time!