Frequently asked questions

What are the prices of services?

Depending on the work and services that we perform, we can guarantee that we are very competitive with prices. Of course, every client can check it by comparing prices for the same services from institutions in the region and Europe.

Providing technical assistance?

CETI will be very happy to provide expert assistance and consulting services and advice. We would like to share our experience for the benefit of our customers and the wider community.

Analysis of the results obtained in other laboratories?

Our specialists are at your disposal, not only to perform an analysis of the results obtained in our laboratories, but also to analyse the results obtained in other laboratories.

Care about the environment?

Our whole mission is essentially care for the environment and care for the community and society as a whole. We point out, examine and perform analysis of all aspects, regarding the quality of the environment.

Employment in CETI?

CETI is open to all young professionals. Unfortunately we are unable to offer you always a job and full-time position, but in any case we are here to help, coach and train new young staff.

Schedule a meeting?

If you need to make an appointment with one of our managers, we recommend that you contact our business secretary who will kindly make an appointment (+382 20658090).

Request for information?

CETI is open to providing all kinds of information, in accordance with the law. There is a procedure that needs to be done in order to be able to provide information that you ask for. More information can be found on this page


Our services will in future be regularly updating the new website with all the relevant information so that you can easily and conveniently get to the PR of CETI by checking on our website.


Other frequently asked questions, can be found on our website, and if you do not find an answer, please feel free to contact us.

Did we answer your question?

If we did not, we suggest the following:

Need our services?

Contact us in relation to your needs and for eventual engagement of our institution. You can phone us or send us a request for quotation via e-mail.

Check our website

Our website is comprehensive and provides a large amount of useful information. Simple search can lead you to the answer to your question.

What does CETI actually do?

It is a frequent question, although there is no person in Montenegro and broader, which has not heard of CETI. We understand that due to the complexity of our work, it makes sense to answer the simple way: Our primary task is that through laboratory techniques we perform various tests and thus contribute to the preservation of the environment and quality of life of society as a whole.

For that reason, CETI is a state institution?

The answer to this question is very simple: only with  such ownership structure CETI can execute the most complex tasks without any interference and without fear that a certain pressure can affect our work and our development.

The future time will certainly show that it is this ownership structure that made CETI what it is today – an institution renowned and recognized throughout Europe.

How many employees does CETI have?

We believe that it is just fine to answer this question, but what we want to emphasize in our response is actually: the structure of employees.

So, CETI employs about 60 people, of which two thirds are highly educated professionals and people who are real “jewels” in the fields in which we work. Without them, we would not be the trusted institution with the highest reputation for its past work.

Briefly on equipment owned by CETI

So, as we said, CETI has not only excellent experts but also most modern laboratory equipment for

Laboratory equipment

CETI today has certainly extremely valuable modern laboratory, which in fact allows all of our competitive advantages (accuracy, speed and competitiveness). What has so far been of primary importance, remains so for the future work of CETI – and that is the highest quality of services we offer.

We have to thank our friends donors, without whose help we would not be able to provide the most advanced laboratory equipment so quickly.

Other equipment

The mobile monitoring station is one of these grants, and we would like once again to thank USAID, which donated this valuable and state-of-the-art station.
Equipment for collecting radioactive substances is a donation from our friends – the  Government of the Netherlands.
The vehicles that we use when carrying out numerous field tasks are also a grant from the USAID.

In all of these cases, we are highly grateful to all of our dear friends for their sincere help, which was sometimes in equipment and sometimes in sharing selflessly their most recent experiences.