Expert visit of GIZ representatives

Center for ecotoxicological research hosted a expert visit of GIZ representatives, within project CSBL regarding preservation of biodiversity of Skadar lake. Mr. Nicolaus Fleischmann, expert for priority hazard supstances in surface waters, sediment and biota of Skadar lake, and ms. Jelena Perunicic project manager are representatives from GIZ.

GIZ expert Mr. Nicolaus Fleischmann was in a two day visit in Montenegro with aim to meet all accredited laboratories in order to analyse their capacities, and with all institutions and individuals which carried out so far researches of priority hazard supstances in surface waters, sediment and/or biota of Skadar lake.

Mr. Fleischmann was informed about all activities of CETI, and about all research of surface waters and sediment which were carried out by CETI. He also visited Laboratory and expressed very positive opinion about expert and technical capacities of CETI.

It was agreed that CETI will send all previous research results regarding surface waters and sediment, that are relevant to this project.