Conference of International Atomic Energy Agency

58th IAEA General Conference in Vienna, Austria

In the period 23-24 September 2014, as part of the 58th General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, Austria, scientific forum was held: Radioactive waste: Facing Challenges – Science and Technology for Safe and Sustainable Solutions.

The delegation from CETI took part in this forum. The delegation consisted of:

  • Nada Medenica
  • Danijela Šuković
  • Zoran Vučinić
  • Tomislav Anđelić

The reason for our presence at the forum was a call that CETI received by the International Atomic Energy Agency and the fact that some of the material for the film that was presented at the forum was shot in the premises of CETI and with the active participation of CETI employees during the IAEA mission, which was the aimed at conditioning the radiation sources in June 2014. The complete film is available at:

Photo Essay: Conditioning of radioactive sources in Montenegro – IAEA Mission in June 2014, is available at:

Just the mention of Montenegro and CETI during the Forum is a great recognition of the efforts that have been made in the previous period and for the ultimate goal to have a fully regulated system of radioactive waste management in Montenegro, where the CETI made a significant contribution.

During the visit a series of meetings was organized with representatives of the most renowned institutions in the region aimed at improving the cooperation and involvement of CETI in the implementation of a number of international projects, which is also an acknowledgment and recognition of the quality that CETI has demonstrated in this field.