IAEA expert mission visit

In the period from 6-th to 10-th November IAEA expert mission was held, which was organized by Ministry of sustainable development and CETI. Within the mission there were 3 experts:

  • Dennis Reisenweaver, Enercon Federal Services, USA
  • Shaun Guy (Michale Campbell), private consultant (Great Brittain/Austria)
  • Milutin Jevremović, Nuclear facilities of Serbia

IAEA experts were hosted by representatives of CETI, Nikola Svrkota – Head of dosimetric and noise measurement unit and Tomislav Andjelic – Head of radionuclide analysis unit.

CETI was a host of mission, in cooperation with Ministry of sustainable development and tourism, whose aim was consultation on further activities on location where remains of airplane engines are located, and making of Decommission plan  and/or revision of current decommission plan of radioactive waste warehouse.

International conference RAD 2017

Fifth International science conference RAD 2017, on which representatives from CETI participated, was held at Budva from 12-16 June. Conference was about radiation and applications in various fields of research. This is a fifth conference, and scientists and researchers gathered second time in Budva.

Lecturers came from renowned European and world universities, and they spoke about radiobiology, radiochemistry, radiation physics, radiation in medicine, radioecology and many more.

You can find more information about the conference on following link http://rad2017.rad-conference.org/news.php

Chamber of Economy Montenegro awarded Center for Eco-Toxicological Research for successful business in 2016.

Chamber of Economy awarded most successful companies in 2016., on the ceremony that was held at Vila Gorica on 21 April 2017. Ceremony was held on the Day of Chamber, and awards were handed by president of Montenegro, Filip Vujanovic.

CETI won award for successful business in 2016, and in the name of CETI award received  executive director Nada Medenica.

President of Montenegro congratulated to all laureates, recognized in this award their hard and successful work, and stated to continue hard work in the future and be good example for others to follow.

According to him 2016 was a year in which businesses operated and created economic growth of Montenegro, with increase of GDP by 2.5%, in globally and regionally unfavorable conditions.

President of the Chamber of Economy, Velimir Mijuskovic said that Award of this business association is most important and unique recognition in the field of economy, which dates as far back as 1969. Speaking about laureates president said that Center for Eco-Toxicological Research profiled into renowned expert internationally recognized laboratory. Respecting the highest standards of quality, which are used in business, CETI is carrier of many international projects. Achieved results by indicators that are defined as criteria for Award for successful business, show that CETI is company with exceptional perfomances.

CETI is very proud for this exceptional award which represents the crown of successful work in 20 years since the establishment of our institution. It is important because Chamber of Economy, as an oldest and largest business association in Montenegro, recognized quality and good result of CETI and awarded us this prestigious award for successful business. Award fills us with pleasure and commitment at the same time. It commits us to do our work of control and protection, professionally and responsibly with reliability and quality which are referent for all the institutions such as ours, in the EU.


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IAEA expert mission visit

Centre for Eco-Toxicological Research hosted IAEA expert mission, which was organized by Ministry of sustainable development and tourism within the cooperation with International atomic energy agency (IAEA).

Within the expert mission, CETI hosted a visit from mrs.  Vasiliki Kamenopoulou, Technical officer on the national project MNE 9006 „Improvement of the regulatory infrastructure in the field of nuclear and radiation safety” and Tamara Djurovic  – Head of Department for Air and Noise Protection in the Ministry for sustainable development and tourism.

Director of Sector for laboratory diagnostics and radiation protection, Danijela Sukovic, presented CETI as a institution, scope of activities and role of CETI in realization of monitoring programs and management of warehouse for radioactive waste.

Nikola Svrkota, Head of the unit for dosimetric and noise measurement, introduced the guests with equipment which CETI owns in the area of radiation protection and competency of units which deal with work in that area.

Ms. Tamara Djurovic  informed everyone about the project and planned activities, while mrs. Kamenopoulou gave a short review about her task and obligations on this expert mission and in general on the project. Special attention was paid to the equipment requested through the project as well as technical specifications of equipment. Possibility for education of personnel through the project was presented, and large number of visits, trainings etc. which are foreseen in the project.

Ms. Kamenopoulou visited CETI Laboratory, as well as warehouse for radioactive waste, and expressed her pleasure regarding good cooperation between Ministry and CETI, and about all capacities of CETI.

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Celebration regarding 20 years since the establishment of Centre for ecotoxicological research – CETI

Formal ceremony of the celebration 20 years since the establishment of Centre for ecotoxicological research – CETI was held at “Imanje Knjaz”.

In these 20 years, CETI is institution recognized, in the region and beyond, on its expert and reliable analyses. All these years CETI was able to justify the trust, gain and keep the status as a reliable partner to institutions in Montenegro and beyond, as well as to be one of the most important factors in the area of environment and food safety.

On the formal ceremony, minister of sustainable development and tourism Pavle Radulovic addressed the guests, along with executive director of CETI – Nada Medenica and president of the Board of directors Ana Misurovic. Among the guests there were present many officials from countries institutions, universities, business partners and friends of CETI.

During the formal ceremony there were read official greeting letters from prime minister and president of Montenegro, and officials from International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Short movie about 20 years of CETI was shown, as well as performances of children from the choir of school for musical talents “Andre Navarra” and young talented guitarist Vedran Galicic.

After the formal ceremony of the celebration dinner was organized.

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Interview director of Laboratory Danijela Sukovic, Glasnik – Chamber of commerce

Interview director of Laboratory Danijela Sukovic, “Chemical leasing leads to cleaner production”, Glasnik – Chamber of commerce, page 70.

You can read interview on this link.

Regarding 20 years since establishment of CETI – Interview of executive director Nada Medenica

Regarding 20 years since establishment of CETI – Interview of executive director Nada Medenica “Through quality to leading position” in Glasnik, Chamber of commerce Montenegro, page 40.

You can read interview on this link.

Interview about phtalates – show “Consumer Code” RTCG

Bojan Beljkas, engineer of food technology in Center for eco-toxicological research – phatalates, their use, impact on health and allowed concentration in toys.

Bojans interview in the show “Consumer code”, which is broadcasted on RTCG, you can watch on this link.

Presentation of business model „Chemical leasing” in Chamber of commerce on session of Committee for energy efficiency and environmental protection

Bojan Beljkas from Center for eco-toxicological research presented „Chemical leasing” as a new business model, which originated along with development of cleaner production idea. Model is focused on providing services to the user, and shifts the focus from increasing sales volume of chemicals towards selling of chemical function itself.

Result of applying the model is more efficient use of chemicals and reducing the risk associated with their use, as well as protection of human health. The model itself promotes idea of pollution prevention, and not elimination of effects when they already occur.

Presentation resulted in great expression of interest from the Committee members. It was agreed to put in Work program of the Committee for 2017. , promotion of this model for business entities. CETI will take active role in promotion and presentation of this model. It will also strive to, while communicating with UNIDO, provide funds for this project.

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Start of the project „Minamata initial assessment for Montenegro”

Inception meeting for project „Minamata initial assessment for Montenegro” was held in Ministry for sustainable development and tourism (MORiT) during which representatives of MORiT and United Nations Development Programe (UNDP) presented concept of the project, it’s objectives, as well as upcoming phases and activities within its realization.

Role of the Center for ecotoxicological research is to make mercury inventory which will be used as a basis for further activities in the project.

Objective of the project is to make initial assessment of amount of mercury with aim to create preconditions for ratification of “Minamata mercury convention”. Also, this project will set foundation for implementation of this convention.

You can find more information on this link.